Support our university today for the business people of tomorrow! 

IAE is a business school within the larger institution of Université Savoie Mont Blanc; and we have the opportunity to provide a quality, research-based education. You may have heard of our renowned research lab IREGE. Our department was created in 1991 with the objective of delivering a specialized education to those aspiring to work in the business sector.  

We offer a variety of Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate programmes with an international focus. These are available as initial, continuing, or apprenticeships. 

Our Corporate Club helps connect businesses with our degree programmes to give the students a more comprehensive understanding of the market. 

The education tax helps us realize our goals for the future. Your contribution is an investment towards the business people of tomorrow. Every company that gives to our cause will help reinforce and build our institution as well as pedagogy. 


How can I allocate my company's education tax to IAE Savoie Mont Blanc?

The education tax must be allocated to the collection agency before March 1st of the current year. 

IAE receives the allocation under category B. This can be for the department as a whole or for one or more specific programmes. 

Complete this form before March 1st: Allocation form for the collection agency 

Deposit your contribution to HORS QUOTA (barème) à l’IAE Savoie Mont Blanc, clearly list your OCTA :
IAE Savoie Mont Blanc : B
Numéro UAI de l’IAE : 0741586X

Contact : Service Communication
Tél + 33 (0) 4 50 09 24 68
Download the list of eligible programmes