Graduate network at IAE Savoie Mont Blanc

The Graduate Network includes nearly to 8,000 graduates, located in more than 20 countries. It has three principal objectives:

  • Develop and promote the network
  • Assist in professional development (facilitate professional contacts among students, graduates, and businesses)
  • Promote and validate our programs for recruiters, investors, and potential partners
  • Becoming part of this network means
  • Being part of a strong community that develops a true feeling of membership
  • Optimizing the management of one’s own career and affairs
  • Contributing to the evolution of IAE Savoie Mont Blanc and its programs
  • Helping actual students profit from knowledge, experience, expertise, and networks

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Alumni Network MAE HEC/IAE


The alumni network HEC IAE is an association of graduates and future graduates of DAS and Master’s 2 in Management and Business Administration, a collaboration of GSEM Executive - University of Geneva and IAE Savoie Mont Blanc. Its purpose is to promote and develop Franco-Swiss cooperation, maintain the lines of trade and friendship among all members, and promote this programme among the ensemble of economic players of Greater Geneva.

A LinkedIn group for HEC Geneva/IAE Savoie Mont Blanc is a chance for members to expand their professional networks and gain visibility.

The association seeks to continue its progress along two major axes: First, organize annual events similar to the reception conference in June 2014 at the Beau Rivage Hotel in Geneva. Second, organize monthly reunions of members, dedicated to professional re-orientation and career advancement. In addition, we plan to engage in activities that support cross-border, professional salons (e.g., participation in Employment and Business Week, attendance at conferences of the Business Club of the University of Savoie Mont Blanc).

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